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  • Short Description
    Requirements for systems in vehicles, decomposition techniques, design methods and middleware platforms for these systems with practical examples

    Learning Objectives

    The participants know the special requirements on vehicles from a system point of view, they are able to decompose a complex system into modules. They are able to use domain specific middleware platforms, evaluate them and check them in examples.

    They are able to present complex issues to a group in a competent manner, to discuss and reflect them critically.

    Course at the THM Giessen
    Module NumberĀ  II2010
    Start WS2015/2016

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This site is provided to allow a dedicated distribution of courses for our clients and students.

Basic courses
If you are a beginner the starter course area is the best way to have the first approach in the system.

Automotive courses
The courses are oriented for students who have interest to discover the world of embedded system in infotainment area of the automotive community. The relation to the real automotive world will be set in direct relation with the GENIVI consortium which groups the main supplier for Europe.

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